Shoot out, short film preparation and screen tests 18.09.15

Shootout screen test (The video requires a password to watch it. The password is shootout) 

screentest wide shot

The point of the screen test was to determine whether the ideas we had written out could translate into film, because sometimes when you actually do a shot, it doesn’t have the same impact as it did in your head, or it isn’t realistically possible with the equipment you have.

The two main shots that a shootout is comprised of are wide and close up, so we included both of these in our screen test.

  • Wide shots. We used the wide shots to introduce both of the characters into the scene. One thing we learned from the screen test of the wide shot is that for the actual filming, we may need to make the wide shot a little closer, because in this test, the people are so small in the frame they become a little hard to see.
  • Close shots. We used the close ups to capture small face movements, like frowning and eye squinting. In this test, the close ups worked well, and we decided to try out side close up shots of their faces from the side as well as the front to add variation.

screentest close shot

As you can see from this picture, we are filming very close to the river which creates a lot of background noise. When we watched it back we decided that the audio wasn’t really necessary and we could just replace it all with our chosen music.

Overall, I’d say the test filming was a success, as it gave us an idea of where we would need to position our camera, where our actors would be standing within the frame and roughly how long it would take us to film each shot, so we know that if we’re effecient we can do it in a day.

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