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I want my film to reach as wide an audience was possible, because the theme of the film is something that I feel like doesn’t belong to one particular demographic. My film is aimed to resonate with those who have experienced/ are experiencing the feeling of being stuck in a rut in life and I feel like almost everybody has experienced this and will be able to relate to it. Because of this, I will release my film onto Vimeo, so I can add it to my portfolio of work that I can show people.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 01.16.17

This is my most professional-looking page and is the place I direct people to when they ask to look at my work, so I want to make sure it’s on there.

I’ll also share the link to my film on my Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 01.20.02

On top of this, I’ll share the post I make on my film page onto my personal Facebook, as I have over 200 friends on there, as opposed to the 63 people that follow my film page and I want to make sure my film reaches as far as possible. If enough people like it and maybe even share it, it might reach further than my friends on Facebook and I’ll get new interest over on my Vimeo page.

Film Festivals

This year, I want to start submitting my films into film festivals and what better one to start with than my final film made at college. There are plenty of film festivals going on that welcome both young people and short films, here are a few I found:

Cinemagic Belfast 2017

Cinemagic young filmmaker of the year 2017 competition

KinoFilm Festival

Glasgow Youth Film Festival

Along with these ones I found, I also discovered that BFI have a page specially dedicated to showing young people what festivals are available to enter their films into. This kind of resourse is extremely valuable, as not only can you see what’s on when and where, but it also makes it easy to compare festivals and decide which suit your film best.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 01.04.40

Although none of these festivals are especially big, there’s nothing wrong with starting out small and getting involved with small organisations like this as much as possible means you’re more likely to be noticed.


On the 20th of June, my film, along with everyone else’s on the film course, will be shown at a screening event. This event is being organised by my year two group and we had a meeting so we could figure out what we needed to organise and who was going to have what job.

Supplies we’ll need

  • chairs
  • tissues
  • cordial/squash
  • popcorn
  • bowls
  • cups
  • napkins


  • Matt Burke
  • Satt
  • Rebecca Day
  • Leigh Beavis
  • Dan Hodge
  • James Richardson
  • Chris Ash
  • Governors
  • Allen building tutors
  • New first years
  • Old second years

As there is limited seating o around 120, every film student will only be allowed a maximum of three guests to bring along.

Job Roles

Kit, Ash and Tucker – guiding people to seats

Wilson and Elena – welcoming people at the door

Izzy – Title and credits

Edan – setting up projection stand

Caitlin – creating a playlist\

Kayla and Harry – photography

Chantelle, Jenny and me (who weren’t able to make it to this production meeting) – organising food and drinks

For this screening, every year two has to to a 1-2 minute introduction to their film. For my introduction, i obviously want to mention cinematography, as it’s been such a major factor for me during this project and is what I want to focus on in the future. I’d also maybe like to say a word or two about how I’ve progressed. It just seems right, as this film marks the end of my two years at college and is a sort of showcase of what I’ve learned.

General introduction

“I love cinematography. I love colour and composition and shot types, and the idea that a story can be told entirely through these visuals is so interesting to me. So that was my focus for this film, I wanted to create a film that had very little dialogue but still had a proper narrative and the story was told through the shots instead. I had a lot of fun making it and  hope you enjoy watching it. It’s called soulful.”



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