Pitch & Feedback – FMP

As part of this project, we had to pitch our FMP idea to film producer Rebecca Day. In my pitch, I focused on the influences for my idea, what it would look like and who my audience was. I created a simple powerpoint to accompany my pitch and because I wanted to avoid spending the entire pitch reading off the powerpoint and also wanted to show what the visuals for my film were going to be, I avoided using any words in it and instead used the slides to put screengrabs from some influential movies, as well as showing who my actor would be.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 09.56.06

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 09.56.20

The first thing I did was introduce my character and gave a little backstory to him, so there was some context. Context is good to know for this film, because the film jumps right into the middle of his life.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 09.56.28Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 09.56.37

The next thing I did was to explain the colour side of the cinematography, by talking about these screen shots taken from Walter Mitty and The Lobster. I mentioned the desaturated nature of them and how I wanted to use colour to explain my characters emotions.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 09.56.59

My final slide were

Here is the feedback I received from my pitch

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.21.04 AM

The main point they picked up on that needed work was that I hadn’t mentioned much about the logistics of filming: where my locations were, how long I’d be filming for and what equipment I’d need etc. If you were pitching an idea to a potential backer of your film, I can see why it would be necessary to include this kind of information. Having everything planned out can ground the project and prove to them that you’ve thought everything through and are ready to film. You’re essentially showing them evidence that the film is possible and will be successful, meaning they’ll be more likely to back you. It’s also important for me personally to start planning now for the same reason. At the moment, I have an idea, but in order to do my idea justice, I need to have a solid foundation of planning and testing under it to make sure I am well prepared.

Following this feedback, my next course of action will be to read over my research and development I’ve done and find sections that could do with some testing to back them up. One of my main research points has been moving shots, so I should definitely focus on that for my camera tests. As well as testing, I will aim to finalise my script as soon as possible, because once I’ve done that I’ll be able to start location hunting and once I’ve found a location, I’ll have a better idea of what my shots will look like.


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One Response to Pitch & Feedback – FMP

  1. Dom Bush says:

    You must show evidence of your presentation on here remember Kitty, and document the feedback more thoroughly.


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