Film festival Brief – Idea Change

Time is the biggest constraint when making a film, there’s only so many hours in a day and sometimes it’s just not possible to fit everything in. This is something I learnt during the planning of this project. Originally, my idea consisted of a short scripted drama, composed of shots that could tell the story just as much as the words could. I was excited to do this, it was an opportunity to push myself as a cinematographer and make something that would be the first step towards me finding my visual style. Sadly, time was not in my favour and I had too many other commitments in my life taking up space, with no room left for this film to become a reality.

Compromises had to be made and I have instead decided to team up with someone else in the class who is focusing on a different area in film and working on a project that will aid both of our strengths. I’m working with Tucker, and because my specialism is cinematography and his is editing, the best option is a multi-camera shoot. It will help me because it requires me to organise multiple cameras at once, thinking about how all the different angles will work together, making sure the white balance for all of them match as best as possible, as well as giving me practice in lighting the shoot (which is a confessed weakness of mine). This project works for editing as well, as it gives Tucker more footage to work with as well as practice in syncing multi-camera footage, colour correction and editing to compliment the music.

I’ve worked on a multi-camera shoot in the past with college and admittedly it wasn’t a project I really enjoyed doing. I didn’t enjoy only being able to work on one camera, knowing that there were other cameras rolling but I couldn’t control which parts of the band they were filming. I also didn’t find the planning interesting, as I like looking at shots in a film and trying to find a deeper meaning in them, thinking about how the movement of the camera reflects the mood or the way something is framed can tell a bigger story, but with multi-camera it felt too much like watching the same thing over and over again. It’s actually because of these that I think choosing multi-camera for this project was a good idea.

When working in the industry you won’t always be able to work on jobs that fit your interests in film, especially when you’re first starting out and are looking for jobs anywhere you can find. You can’t be picky and have to be able to adapt to the filming situation you’re in, so this is good experience for me working on a film due to necessity rather than desire. It also allows me to challenge myself to make it more interesting for me. Unlike our last multicam project, I now have full control over what cameras we use and what we use them for, so I can focus on trying to make every shot clean, nicely framed and well-lit.


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