SWOT Analysis


  • I’d say one of my strengths is cinematography. I understand how to use composition rules and exposure settings on the camera to put together aesthetically pleasing shots. I have learned to make sure never to do anything just for the sake of it, so if I frame something a certain way with the camera I make sure that I’m able to explain why I chose to do that.
  • Another of my strengths is my ability to write clearly and competently. It means that when I get my ideas and research down in words, I can follow them clearly to create a thorough plan for my films.


  • Editing is potentially one of my weaknesses. While I am able to put together a basic film, I lack confidence in what I’m doing and often question whether a cut I made was a good cut or a bad one. Also colour correction still remains a mystery to me and even though I’ve wanted to use it in past films, I haven’t been able to make it work.
  • I also struggle with sound recording. Sound has often let my films down in the past, as the recordings are never very clean or clear (for example, my voiceover on my FMP). Instead of practicing sound, I tend to shy away from it and cover my films with music because I find it easier.


  • Because of college, I have access to some very good equipment that I can use to boost not only the quality of my college work, but also any projects I might want to do outside of college. Working with equipment like this early on will hopefully prepare me nicely for when I’m working on professional shoots in the future, because I will have at least a basic knowledge of how it all operates.
  • Another opportunity for me is Signal Films. The fact that I live very close to them is good because I can keep up to date with any events they’re holding. They are very active in supporting young people trying to make their way in the industry, and every year they hold a BFI film academy, which I’ve managed to get a place on. Through signal I have met a couple of industry professionals who have expressed an interest in viewing my work and giving me a bit of work experience on film sets.


  • An issue with living around here is there isn’t a very defined film industry, there aren’t many production companies (is that the right word???), so it can leave you feeling quite isolated as a filmmaker, as if there’s no one to turn to for guidance. It can also make getting any work experience difficult.
  • Another threat is the amount of aspiring filmmakers that there are around who are also trying to make a career out of film. Trying to get yourself noticed is difficult, and it’s made even harder by the fact that there’s so few jobs available and you have everyone fighting for them.


Future Plan

The more films I made over the last year at college the more I’ve noticed that my main strength is in my cinematography, and writing my SWOT analysis solidified this for me. This is also the part of film that I enjoy the most and i the bit I spend the most time planning during my preproduction. As cinematography is my passion, I want to focus on making this my specialism in film. I plan on pursuing this as a career, and in the future I hope to be able to work on professional film shoots as a director of photography.

I’m currently applying for universities, and have been researching ones that have well-established courses in film production. I have found a couple of courses where they allow you to pick a specialism and give you guidance and support to improve your skills and knowledge in your chosen area. This is perfect for me as it means I can spend a few years being completely immersed in cinematography. On top of this, I’m going to spend my free time researching film, watching the work of some of the big DoP’s, finding films with cinematography that I like, experimenting more with the cameras in any films I make. I hope that by doing this I can start to maybe find a style of filming that suits me.

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