Comic Art Festival – Project Evaluation


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Ideas and Concepts

Between us, our group came up with a couple of ideas of how we could present Mark Millar’s work.We originally struggled to come up with an idea that we felt was be interesting to look at as all we had to work with were still images from some of the comic books Millar worked on.

As shown in this blog post, we decided that manipulating the image using parallax would be the best way to go, as this effect is a fairly easy one to create using photoshop and premiere pro which we would be able to do in the limited time we were given and the overall look of parallax is very effective. We also decided to include a sort-of narrative structure to the parallaxed images, because it adds another layer to the product and gives the film more of a purpose.


Did you achieve what you hoped with these ideas and concepts? 

I feel that our parallaxing worked very well. Everyone in the group learnt how to use photoshop to create the effect and we all contributed towards the final film. We wanted the parallax to add another dimension to the images and make them more visually interesting, which I think it does. For example, in the image of the schoolgirls surrounded by new reporters, the hands holding mics have been turned into individual layers. When the hands move, they move towards the girls and also subtly grow in size, and the effect this has is it highlights the eagerness of the reporters.

We ran into problems with

Audience Feedback

The only feedback we have gathered so far is from Julie Tate, the founder and organiser of Comic Art.

“The enthusiasm for and commitment to the brief were exemplary I think. The students created projects which were challenging both our audiences and themselves and it paid off. The reaction from creators, audiences and Mark Millar too was of surprise and appreciation in that the students had taken raw material and made it come to life in new and unusual ways which was, of course, the brief! It was an incredibly short timescale within which to research, develop concepts, negotiate in teams and then realise whilst, at that same time, dealing with the obvious constraints of the venue. It fitted perfectly with the event and was a development from previous years so thank you”.

Whilst this is very positive feedback and good to hear, it’s only the opinion of one person and I think it’s a shame we never got to find out what the audience at the bar thought. Their opinion on it is what really matters in this because the entire basis of this project was seeing if we could make something that was tailored to a specific audience, and there’s no way really to tell whether we succeeded without feedback from them. In retrospect, it might have been a good idea to have made a short survey-three questions at most-that the people there could have quickly filled out, and had someone from our team handing them out at the bar to make sure we get at least a bit of feedback.



  • made sure to keep the audience in mind when making any decisions (important because audience is the most important part of the festival. It’s goal is to appeal to comic book lovers)
  • Parallax went better than expected. We made sure to keep organised with our folders which was extremely helpful as every scanned image from the comic had it’s own jpg. psd. and mp4. file that we had to keep track of.
  • The way we linked up the images with the diary entries was a nice idea and I think it worked, but didn’t add anything to the installation. It’s unlikely anyone at the bar would’ve looked hard enough to spot the narrative unless they already knew the story line of the comics, so it didn’t really help in appealing to the audience
  • If if could do this again I’d add more comic books to it other than Huck, to get some different art styles in there (not possible for this project because of the limited time we had). Comic Art Fest is all about celebrating the range of art in the world of comics but we just focused on a specific one.


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