Idea Development


After spending a while getting used to parallax, we realised we had two unsolved problems. The first was that we hadn’t picked which images we were going to use and didn’t currently have a theme for them. The second was that we’d requested two walls next to each other instead of just one, but hadn’t come up with an idea that made the most of these walls. If you’re projecting onto multiple surfaces, you have to link them together in some way, like the projection display in this:


We started by choosing to focus on one series of comic books only, as this would narrow down the choice and add some correlation to our chosen images. We chose Huck, because we thought the drawing style was interesting. It’s less cartoonish than some of the other comic artists Mark Millar has collaborated with, and I thought the clashing of colours between each drawing was effective; the colours range from extremely blue and cool toned to very orange warm tones. We also chose this comic because it contains lots of drawings of people in the middle of some action or another, which would be easy to cut out and also make it more interesting to animate (see my ‘thwud’ parallax in my previous post).

The basic story is that Huck is guy who goes out of his way to do good deeds for people. He has a diary that he writes all of his good deeds in, and snippets of this diary can be found throughout the comics.


As each diary entry shown links up with a story in the comics, we decided to create a sort-of narrative using them. On one of the walls in the bar we’d have a diary entry displayed, and next to it on the other wall would be the scenes from the comic that relate to it. We’d do this for maybe five or six entries. By doing this we solve both of our problems, as it links up the two separate walls into one installation and it gives our chosen images a theme.

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