Ideas Gen – Parallax

We had our two walls to work with, the next step was coming up with an idea to fill it. Because all we really had to work with were pdf scans of some of Mark Millar’s work, we felt fairly limited with our options. There’s only so many ways to display still images. Although we had a couple of ideas, there was nothing we felt confident enough about to develop on.

Then I remembered about a video I’d watched whilst I was doing research from a previous project.

Near the beginning of this short film a series of images were shown, and whilst some were still, others had been manipulated in a way to give them a “fake 3D effect”. After looking it up I discovered that this is called parallax (also known as 2.5D).

I thought this was very effective because it makes the images more interactive and immersive. For example, the parallax in the second gif means that instead of just a still picture, the doors open to reveal the elephant. The elephant is the main focus of this film and the parallax highlights this as it makes it feel like it’s being presented to the audience. Parallax means that even simple images like the portrait in the first gif can be held on the screen for a lot longer than you’d be able to hold an image. As shown in the first gif, the slow zoom into the man’s face coupled with the subtle spinning of the background is just enough movement to engage the eyes and create visual interest.

We thought that if we used parallax on our own images, it would catch the eye of the people in ruskin’s bar and make for a nice installation. The parallax is very easy on the eyes because of the smooth movements and it is pleasant to sit and watch the images change and grow, so as an installation in a bar full of people it would work well because it’s just as effective seen at a glance as it is watched in depth.



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