Location Scout

This project started out with us visiting the bar where our installation would be so we could decide where our projection would be. My group was originally given a wall above the bar for our space, but as there was a free wall next to it we asked if we could have that one as well. Here are the two walls:

The reason we chose to have two walls instead of one is we thought it might give us more options for how we would display his work, and also make it look more interesting. The inspiration for this was from a video I found during my projection mapping research that shows a single display mapped onto three different canvases. I thought we might be able to do a similar thing with the walls.

One issue we thought we might have was with the dimensions of the wall.The standard aspect ratio for a video is 16:9 but if we were mapping onto an oddly shaped area we’d have to make sure during editing that we changed the dimensions to fit. However we measured the spaces and found out that they were both 16:10, which meant we didn’t have to worry about any distortion in our images.


Another worry we had was the position of our location. As you can see from the floorplan below, our walls are right next to the door as you walk in.


It’s also quite far above peoples’ heads, whereas the other group’s project is at eye level, so it could be that people walk past our without properly noticing it. All we can hope is that as it is opposite the footy table, people will notice our projection as they go to play a game!

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