FMP brief and checklist

For the FMP we have to create a film that’s a maximum of two minutes long based on one of three themes: home, broken or stranger.To complete this project we will need to:

  1. create a project proposal
  2. Write a blog post explaining the requirements of the brief and what I want to achieve with this film
  3. Write a research post analysing at least three videos  and explain how I’m going to use what I’ve learned in my own film
  4. Use research to create a draft plan
  5. Take out equipment and do test shoots
  6. Write a blog post evaluating test shoots
  7. Write up final plan, linking it back to research
  8. Make a shot list and storyboard
  9. Film
  10. Edit film into  a rough cut
  11. Seek opinions from tutors and peers and use these opinions to improve edit
  12. Create a final cut and export
  13. in one blog post evaluate the successes  and challenges of research, planning, shooting and editing and explain how they all influenced the final film
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