Film 8 – Scheduling

We have five weeks this time to complete this film, and we are taking a more organised and professional approach to it than previous films. Everything we need to do will be planned out and scheduled into the five weeks. As we have more work to do for this project, the timetable will allow us to keep a clear mindset so we can stay on top of our work and won’t be tempted to go off on tangents. It is also preparing us for our FMP, where we will need to work efficiently and also be able to produce a clearly laid-out pathway through our work from research to the finished product.

scheduling film 9

The picture above shows how we’ve split up the week.

  • Week 1-3 : preproduction. This means research, planning, location scouting, casting and test shoots. Most of the five weeks is given over to preproduction because it is vital that we have enough time to analyse and understand our chosen directors as well as have a clear plan of our film.
  • Half of week 4 : filming. As long as we have planned thoroughly, filming will only need a couple of days.
  • Week 4-5 : Editing. Because this film is longer (90 seconds) and potentially more complicated we need a little longer for editing.


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