Locked In – short film test shots

The short film – Out of Order

For our screen test we did a small section of our film ,the part where the editing is important for creating the right atmosphere of fear. No music or sound is included in this screen test but the style of music I would put over this is something like this. Our plan for this section was:

  • high shot. woman climbs onto toilet seat and covers head with hands.
  • pan shot. Woman scrambles up onto window sill.
  • extreme close up of woman’s hands looking for a way out.
  • Close up of woman’s face showing fear.

However, as we started filming we realised that we may need to make some changes. It seemed that there weren’t enough close shots in our film, and this deviates from the brief too much,  so we decided that on top of our original shot list we would film a lot of different close/extreme close shots of hands, eyes etc. that we could cut in to the longer shots when needed. This would break up the series of wide shots to make it easier to watch. During our screen-test shooting, we took a single shot of Kayla climbing up from the toilet to the windowsill. In our original plan, that was one whole shot, but when I started to edit I realised that it slowed down the pace too much, and made it look like she wasn’t actually scared. To fix this problem, I suggested that as well as this shot we should get close ups of her hands and feet as she climbs up, which we could then use to break up that long shot. This would give it a more disorienting feeling and make it look more rushed.

Another thing I realised during our test shooting was that, although we planned to not use sound in our movie and just add in sound effects and music during post-production, there were actually lots of points during the film where the sound could add to the effect. For example, although this screen test doesn’t show it, we’re going to have extra shots of Kayla banging on the window as if she’s trying to get out. If you kept the sound in, you could raise the volume of it during editing so the banging is louder, to give the impression that she’s panicked and trying really hard to get away. Keeping the sound in for some parts would be easier than trying to find sound effects that match up.

Overall, I’d say the screen test gave me a much clearer idea of how the film was going to turn out, because it took us just under an hour to film the shots for this screen test, so we know that on the day of the shoot, we have to all know the plan and be able to start as soon as we set the tripod up. This test also showed us that we only really need the tripod for the beginning and end, because they are wide shots, and it’s easier to film the close ups just holding the camera.

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One Response to Locked In – short film test shots

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good. I’m pleased to see these test shoots are having positive effects on the final shoot. You’ve take clear lessons from the screentest that help you adapt and evolve your ideas.


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