An inspirational video – Colour Bandits

The video – Colour Bandits by PJ Liguori

I found this video when it first came out, back in 2013. It was around this time when I started changing the way I looked at films and videos, becoming more interested in the creative process that leads up to a film, rather than just the finished product. I would spend hours online, watching short films that people had put up on YouTube, figuring out how they were put together: the shot choices, the cast, the props etc. A lot of the ones I watched seemed to require a fairly large crew, budget, and time. They were amazing, but they seemed like an unreachable goal to me, a teenager, sitting alone in her room with little money and all her time taken up by schoolwork.

Occasionally, however, I would find videos like this one. I love Colour Bandits, because it’s both incredibly creative and fairly simple. Unlike the other videos, all you need for this one are white clothes, a few colour bombs and a large imagination. I suddenly became aware that my videos didn’t need to be half an hour long, it was possible for me to create a different universe in the space of a few minutes.

Taking away the music and spoken word in Colour Bandits, you are still left with some very aesthetically pleasing shots. Add in the music and you give the character feeling, you can sense the frantic state he is in. But when you add the speaking back in, a whole other dimension is added. It’s not just a pretty video anymore, it’s a story about a different world. Colour Bandits (and videos like it) taught me how there are different layers to a film, and they are all important because they all contribute to the overall mood. That is why this video is inspiring to me.

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One Response to An inspirational video – Colour Bandits

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    I’m really pleased with this: a personal response to the task, along with solid evidence as to why. You’ve made some good connections between the filmmaking techniques, and the effects they produce. Great that you’re talking about story so much, too. Well done.


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